A Welcome Message From Pastor, J. Derrall Marshall

Thank you for visiting our Church website.  I trust it will be a great experience as you navigate through the various pages learning more about who we are and what we are about.  We are currently updating the site, so I thank you for you patience.

I am truly blessed of God to be part of the wonderful heritage of Shadow Lawn Baptist Church that has boldly proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ since her founding in May of 1933.  My service here began on August 10, 2008.

Having lived most of my childhood life not far from our current location, it is amazing that the Lord has brought me back to a community of folks that I can identify with in many ways.  I could have never dreamed to be back in the area, especially as a pastor.  However, God has been at work all the time preparing me for this part of my life in serving Him.

I am grateful for the strong history of faith, and dedicated service, by those who have gone before me as pastor of Shadow Lawn.  I am honored to stand upon their shoulders and to be encouraged by the work they have wrought over these many years.  Each one has left his mark.  Each one has filled his God given role in the history of this great Church and ministry for the Kingdom.  Therefore, I am humbled by the honor and the privilege given to me by God to continue in His great work as pastor of Shadow Lawn Baptist Church.

We are, as our motto states, “A Family of Families, Reaching Families for Christ.”  We are continuing the work and are pressing onward to reach this community, and the world, for Christ.

I invite you and your family to worship and grow with us in this ministry endeavor.  I also ask that you pray for us to always be faithful in proclaiming and exemplifying the truth of God’s Word so others may come to know Him, and that He alone would receive all glory, honor, and praise.

In Christ,

J. Derrall Marshall, Pastor